Anatomy of DARALI Cycloidal Reducers

Each DARALI Cycloidal  Speed  Reducer is constructed with three  major  sub-assemblies:  output sub-assembly, ring gear sub-assembly, and input sub-assembly.  The input and output sub-assemblies are generic within each frame size.  That is, disregard what the reduction ratio is (between 6:1 and 87:1), the same input and output assemblies are used to assemble speed reducers in the same frame size.  The ring gear sub-assembly determines the reduction ratio of a DARALI Cycloidal Reducer.

This unique modular design greatly enhance your capability to maximize inventory flexibility.  You may stock the same input and output assemblies with various ring gear kit.  You would then have the capability to build the reducers with various reduction ratios.  Contact us for more details of our distributor-friendly DARALI DRIVES Assembly Program.