DARALI DRIVES Design Features

1). The torque transmitting components of DARALI DRIVES utilize superior quality bearing grade steel produced by world class steel companies in GERMANY and SWEDEN .

2). DARALI DRIVES utilize excellent quality rolling bearings manufactured by the following companies: NSK, NTN, KOYO, and NACHI.

- 500% SHOCK LOAD CAPACITY - Superior industry-proven and application-proven cycloidal design unparalleled by helical, planetary, or worm gear speed reducers.  Utilizing compression contact on 66% of ring gear pins/rollers.  No gear teeth to break off; catastrophic failure cannot occur.

- HOUSING - Standard SAE Grade 25 (JIS FC25) gray cast iron provides rigid structural integrity.  SAE Grade 45 (JIS FCD45) ductile iron housing with double-row spherical roller bearing is also available for severe applications.

- OUTPUT SHAFT - AISI 1055 (JIS S55C) forged steel with oversized bearings for excellent overhung load capacity and outstanding performance.

- INPUT SHAFT - AISI 4340 (JIS SCM4) carbon molybdenum steel.

- SHAFT SLEEVE - Heat treated, hardened, and tempered shaft sleeve for optimum oil seal performance; no worries for oil leakage !!

- DUAL LIPS OIL SEAL - Keeps lubricant in; keeps dirt out.

- DIRECT DROP-IN FIT - Major dimensions such as bolt hole pattern, shaft center height, shaft diameter are identical to other cycloidal reducers in the market.