DARALI DRIVES Design Features


- TORQUE TRANSMITTING COMPONENTS - AISI 5100 (JIS SUJ2) high carbon chromium bearing grade steel through-hardened via heat treatment and tempered to HRC 61~63.  Excellent characteristic against wear, and provides superior long service life.

- CAST IRON FAN GUARD and metal fan blade can be used for chemical duty.  Strong resistance against damage during transit and disassembly.

- SIMPLE MAINTENANCE - lifetime grease lubrication or easy-to-replenish oil lubrication.

- BREATHER FILLER CAP - large oil filler hole.  Oil cap also functions for pressure release purpose.

- SIDE GLASS (Oil Lubricated Models) - For easy oil level and clarity reading.  It can be installed on either side.  Markers also on the side glass to show how much oil to fill.

- DRAIN PLUGS (Oil Lubricated Models) - Two drain plugs for simple oil replacement.

- RIGID MOUNTING FOOT DESIGN - High structural integrity to resist shock load.

- LIFTING EYE BOLT - Frame size B16 and above are furnished with lifting eye bolt for easy handling.