Cycloidal Advantage

1. Rolling Contact - All major torque transmitting components roll; they do not slide.  Rolling motion contributes to minimal friction and high efficiency.  Single stage efficiency approaches 93%, and double stage efficiency approaches 86%.

2. Torque transmitting elements experience COMPRESSION; they do not shear -  Unlike involute gear mechanism which has only 1 or 2 teeth to absorb the entire shock load with possible gear teeth breakage, at least 66% of ring gear rollers and cycloidal disc lobes share the shock load under compression (Frame size B10 and above with twin disc design).  In addition, major torque transmission components inside the DARALITM Cycloidal Reducers are made of 52100 (JIS SUJ2) bearing grade steel and heat treated to Rockwell Hardness of HRC 61~63.  The end result is that DARALITM Cycloidal Reducers are capable of withstanding intermittent shock load up to 500% of its catalog torque rating.