Cycloidal Advantage

3. Compactness - Unlike helical speed reducers which require additional stages to achieve higher reduction ratio (increased size/weight, decreased efficiency, more bearings and gears to maintain), changing the ratio of DARALITM Cycloidal Reducers (up to 87:1) involves only the changing of ring gear rollers, cycloidal disc lobes, and eccentric bearing.  The physical dimensions of speed reducers remain the same.

4. Excellent performance against worm gear reducers - Rolling motion creates minimal friction.  Minimal friction contributes to minimal wear and minimal heat generation.  Worm gear reducers performance are greatly limited by thermal rating.  DARALITM Cycloidal Reducers with rolling components internally, enjoy minimal heat loss.  The thermal capability of each frame size and ratio of DARALITM Cycloidal Reducers exceed its mechanical capability.  Worm gear reducers are characterized by lower efficiency;  you can select a smaller size DARALITM Cycloidal Reducer and still enjoy larger output power.  The end result is longer service life and tremendous energy saving !!